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Post by krustynose on 3/24/2009, 2:52 am

Full Name :Sam D.
Age : (16+1)=17
Gender :Male

Question : why do you think you are qualify for this position?
Answer : Because Flawless my Cuzsin.

Question : in what way, you think you can help out the server?
Answer : To enhance the game experience by respect.

Question : how well can you get along with others?
Answer : If they get along i get along also.

Question : how will the admin like you?
Answer : Talk to him on msn and send him happy faces.

Audience : Make him Mu Master he deserve it !yeaH! go Salty ur the Man we love u (.Y.)
No You idiot he a noob he failed last time he not allowwed and ...!..
Twisted Evil Very Happy Shocked

lol! He beat u in Yu-Gi-Oh make him one. affraid
"Loser" PS3 beat all

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