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Before Entering The Court House... Read!

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Before Entering The Court House... Read! Empty Before Entering The Court House... Read!

Post by Flawless on 3/22/2009, 10:28 am

For this topic/thread,
Our Staff and User/Player can Post here.

For User/Players,

Please do not spam this thread or any other thread related to this
" Court House " by repeating over and over again
that you didn't do it. Example :
Your Post #1 : i didn't PK Flawless
Then one of our staff posted something..
Then your 2nd Post :
I didn't PK Flawless OR Is there any proof that I did?
Anything related to that will considered a Spam.

For Witness,

If you witness the scene, Make sure that the User/Player that
is fighting this Case mention you. But remember,
Any FALSE information you have given may cause
you to be banned from the Game And Forum.

TO Our Staff,

Do not edited other User Post in this thread.
For the person who is banned,
Please post the following info of why that person was Banned :

User/Account Name :
Date Banned :
Reason for Ban :
Banned By :
Screen Shot :

This is so everyone can understand why that person got Banned.
If Lack of evidence, User will be Unbanned and Case will be Closed.
If evidence proof that he/she got banned for the right reason,
that person will stay banned.

Our Judges.

Flawless - ADMIN
Spartan - ADMIN
AK999 - Assistant ADMIN

Flawless Mu Owner
Flawless Mu Owner

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