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Post by Allen on 3/22/2009, 9:06 am

-=Team Fantasy=-
"We are here. We are stronger then ever. We are THE Future."
-Quoted by, Team Fantasy
Team Fantasy Wpuasd-2
Hello and welome to our little section of Fantasy talk. Fantasy members (and our alliance members can join this conversation aswell).
Do you want to want to join Fantasy? Read below.

Easy & simple rules..

1. Speak English, probably the most important rule.
2. Be kind to others, not just guild but everyone.
3. No noob killing, no one was born a pro.
4. Swearing+Vulgarity will not be tolerated.
5. No begging.
6. No jerks.
7. I haven't thought of it yet.
8. Have fun!!!

Not so hard is it? =D

Team Fantasy Guild Master

Team Fantasy Assistant Guild Master

Team Fantasy Battle Masters

Team Fantasy Members
~Current amount, ** [I don't feel like counting right now.]

Hope you guys are all loyal and I hope I never need to remove any of you from this list. =D
You're all welcomed to join Fantasy aswell! =D

*Guild Events!* We will have future guild events in our guild, "Fantasy".. I (Allen) will be hosting events for guild members. Good luck. [:"?

-=Team Fantasy=-

Have fun.

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